“Creating Your Meaningful Work” Workshop for Malaysians


Lead a workshop called “Creating Your Meaningful Work” for Malaysians.  “Creating Your Meaningful Work” is a 2 day workshop developed by Hidetake Enomoto, a professional life coach, a workshop facilitator, an entrepreneur, and a writer living in Japan.

Hidetake Enomoto

He earned a master’s degree from California Institute of Integral Studies, in United States, where he developed this concept of “Creating Your Meaningful Work”.  He is also a founder of CTI Japan, an International Coach Federation certified coach training firm, and also a pioneer that brought Coaching Technology to Japan during 1990’s.  Past few years, he has brought this concept to China, providing this workshop in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as giving a speech at TED x Lujiazui in Shanghai.

I was directly trained by Hidetake Enomoto to become a certified workshop leader of this “Creating Your Meaningful Work” workshop.


Why in need?

Looking at how we struggle working in our society, sometimes makes me feel awkward.

I believe that we were born to be happy.

But a lot of us tends to sacrifice ourselves, give up ourselves, just to earn the living.  We struggle to adopt ourselves to meet the requirements of others.  We try to behave to meet others’ expectations.  We agonize to become someone who we are not, just to earn the livings.

The reality is…  Yes, we DO need money to earn our livings.

But my question is…

Are we happy with that?

Are we happy with giving up ourselves just to earn our living?

Shouldn’t we start seeking a way to be happy with our work, while earning our living?

“Creating Your Meaningful Work” workshop is a 2 day workshop that guides you through the process of re-discovering yourself.  It is designed to search inside yourself, looking for your own values and your own life purpose.  Through that experience, this workshop gives you guidelines on how to recreate your own work, based on your own values and life purpose.

This workshop does not provide you way to FIND a perfect job from given options.

Instead, it provides you way to RECREATE and REDEFINE your own job, so that it becomes a Meaningful work for you.


Who is it for?

People working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

University and College student getting prepared to work in Malaysia


Why me?

Maybe for two reasons.

One, I enjoy working outside Japan.

Second, I love to see people becoming energized.



If your living in Malaysia and interested in joining or providing this program in Malaysia, feel free to contact me.